Friday, April 22, 2016

I enjoy this little gadget! ihere 3.0 review

ihere 3.0
Amazon Link, if you're interested-
Here's some more information
*When in a hurry or running late, find your lost item, with just 1 click.
*The iHere 3 app can track any iHere’s signal up to a 75-foot radius.
*The Only Rechargeable Item Locator in the World
*Each charge lasts up to several weeks. No need to change batteries.
1. It tracks the iHere signal, so you can track anything up to about 75 feet
2. It has a selfie camera mode
3. It has a voice recorder mode
4. It has a car finder mode
5. It will ring your phone, even if it's in vibrate.
I'd like to see iHere 3.0 less dependent on the app.
I'd also like the to see the charging port become micro usb with a small flap to cover the port.
The charging cable is small and that's good. It becomes one more charging cable to worry about.
The separation alarm can be a little annoying. It can be turned off in the app settings though!
Find out more about he iHere 3.0 here:

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