Thursday, August 4, 2016

CheapGeek Podcast Episode4

CheapGeek Podcast Episode4 CheapGeek Podcast Episode4 0 Aug 4, 2016 Episode 4 Welcome to the CheapGeek Podcast! Stupid Pokemon and Lies! RECAP- LEAD IN- Pokemon is Stupid.. 1.Everyone's making fun of Pok√©mon Go's Team Instinct leader Man, 62, playing 'Pokemon Go' at night gets stuck in mud pit Pokemon Go starts revoking stuff from players: FIRST COMMERCIAL- 1.Standing Desk is a Lie! Binge-Watching TV Will Kill You, and it Will Kill You Soon SECOND COMMERCIAL- Audible Wait, Does Dental Floss Even Work? “Albuquerque Early” - and other common things when you’re living in New Mexico WEIRD STUFF New Mexico or Florida? State of New Mexico says Marijuana can’t be certified as “New Mexico True”. Is this New Mexico or Florida? Poor Town gets roads paved in Recycled Materials: Man arrested for Meth after police mistake and test donut glaze: Bingeworthy BS Bluebloods Read more at

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