Saturday, April 22, 2017

Keep your dog cool with a Whalek Cooling Bed Gel Mat!

Keep your dog cool with a Whalek Cooling Bed Gel Mat!
Pressure Activated- Dog Bed Gel Mat 
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(5 Sizes) with Pet Pooper Comb,Perfect for Floors, Couches, Car Seats, Pet Beds & Kennel 
WHALEK has focused on supplying perfect Pet Supplies for over ten years(only the brand owner can provide this item safely). 
We always committed to offer the best product and perfect experience to every our customer.
NOT RECOMMENDED for Aggressive pets - while the chill mat is indeed puncture resistant and there are indeed cases where a dog will be able to rip open the mat so please consider your pets chewing habits before ordering.
PLEASE CHOOSE the correct size make sure that your dog or cat can fit it.
Safety, Eco-friendly: Our durable pet bed mat is Non-Toxic, and safe for animals, adults or kids. 
It requires no electricity to maintain a cool surface. 
The safe gel won't leak onto your face or sheets Waterproof material makes it easy to clean, just wipe with a clean soft brush. But do not clean it with corrosive liquid
Multi-Purpose: Our versatile mat can be used on puppy & kitty beds, canine mattresses, couch cushions, hardwood floors, carpets, concrete surfaces, cars. Flexible soft gel mat offers extra comfort for pets with joint pain

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