Sunday, April 22, 2018

Swatted, Turtles and a Contest!


Tonight!  7:00 pm Eastern

Swatted, Turtles and a Contest!

CheapGeek Podcast Episode 75

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An offbeat news podcast where we explore the strange, the stupid, and paranormal topics circulating the web.

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Okay, we’re finally doing the contest.  Everybody knows the “Grand Prize” is going to be the Amazon Echo Dot, but here’s how it’s actually all gonna go down.

  1. We’re running the contest simultaneously on FB and Youtube.
    1. Share THIS podcast episode POST to your Social Media, specifically, Youtube or Facebook.  Either to your own Facebook feed, or if you run a page or a group.
    2. Share the CheapGeek Podcast Facebook page to your Social Media (either your personal feed, a page or a group).
  2. It’s a “like and share” contest.  Yep. Two different ways to enter:
  3. Each share counts as ONE entry into the contest.
  4. Bonus Entry? Message us and let us know that you’ve rated us on iTunes, Google Play, etc… When you message us, let us know the username you rated us under…
  5. This contest is a little over 30 days.  We’ll make the announcement on the 5/26 episode.
    1. Runner up Prize: Full Size CheapGeek Podcast Sticker, two mini Stickers, a cool patch, and ?
    2. Three Additional Runner Up Prizes: Three additional Runner Ups will receive a Full Size CheapGeek Sticker and a mini sticker!
  6. Grand Prize is the Amazon Echo Dot, a full size CheapGeek Podcast Sticker, two mini Stickers, and one of the cool new patches that Omi will be selling in her Ordinary Hiker Shop on Facebook.

What is Swatting?

fraudulently calling emergency services to another person's address



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  1. Haunted New Mexico :
  2. New Mexico Ghost Investigations :
  3. Stolen Tortoises—10,000 of Them
  4. Tortoise Repair:
  5. Random News: Steakhouse stabbing with steak knife:
  6. Town wants UFO memorial moved:


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  1. Lost In Space- Netflix
  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  3. Orville - 

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Best Gummy Bears, New Mexico Time lapse, and a Goal!

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