Tuesday, May 7, 2019

High Strangeness In North Carolina- Andrews Geyser #1

Episode 120 Andrews Geyser Part 1

CreepGeeks Podcast Episode 120

Weird Wednesday:

High Strangeness In North Carolina- Andrews Geyser #1

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Welcome to Weird Wednesday-

High Strangeness In North Carolina Series Andrews Geyser Part #1 

Photo of Original Geyser:

Andrews Geyser History:   

Just outside Old Fort, North Carolina and marking the Eastern Continental Divide lies a monument with an unusual history. Andrew’s Geyser, originally built in 1885, marks the culmination of grand construction in this little section of Western North Carolina, as well as a celebration of the Southern Railway Company.  

George Fisher Baker:

"Dean of American Banking," Member of the Jekyll Island Club (allegedly haunted)

-While the Fountain is entertaining, it does seem out of place, and not as remarkable as the descriptions allude.

-Why is the fountain shaped the way it is?

-The placement of certain stone structures somewhat resembles that of the inner temple of a Masonic Lodge.

-Why is the current location on Historic Civil War land?

-The valley in which the geyser is place has unusual geologic characteristics.  The sound from the railways emanates in such a way as to create a “Tibetan bowl” effect -with sound echoing and only growing stronger instead of dissipating.

-All descriptions of Andrew’s Geyster talk about “Dual Purpose” -Many secret societies and organizations focus on “Duality” ….There are a TON of dual-trees there (trees stemming

Rakes/Dryad Reports from Andrew’s Geyser:  

I live in the western part of North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, and over the years have had a number of people visiting my neck of the woods describe rather frightening encounters with a similar phenomenon. The first of note was years back, around 2008. A friend of mine and practicing medium met with me at Andrew's Geyser, a local monument known for its Civil War past and shadow people, and she claims to have seen a very disturbing creature, a gaunt humanoid with pale deathly flesh, willowy limbs, black eyes, and a gaping maw that seemed to emanate pure fear. she was very unsettled by this vision, but I never saw a thing. A few years later, 2011 or so, my significant other at the time would talk about a feeling of dread whenever she was alone in certain parts of the woods, and that she always had the feeling of being watched and unwelcome, occasionally seeing pale shapes dart in and out of the trees.   

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