Thursday, October 22, 2015

3 Most Important things to carry in your Van, DIY Campervan, RV or Motor...

These are the 3 most important things to carry in your DIY campervan, rv, camper etc.
A smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector and a fire extinguisher.
I decided to go ahead and install mine since we like plan on camping in the winter time
and we will be using a propane heat source.
The smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector together are less than $20.00 off Amazon.
I like the size of both of them and they should work nicely.

The smoke detector is a photoelectric smoke detector.
Steer away from Ion smoke detectors, they can take longer to 
alarm and they aren't as sensitive as the photoelectric versions.

The carbon monoxide detector has a lcd screen on it, that will allow
you to actually have a reading of how many parts per million (ppm) you are being exposed to. 
The LCD screen also changes to RED when dangerous levels of CO is detected.

As far as the installation of these safety items goes- follow the manufacturer's instructions. 
Here's the Amazon Link, if you're interested-
Smoke Detector-
Carbon Monoxide Detector-
Smoke Detector Information: $9.99
Made by - Gotideal 
*Battery-operated smoke detector with photoelectric sensor
*Smoke alarm sounds with a volume of up to 85 dB 
*Battery-operated smoke alarm, a 9-volt battery included
*1 year warranty.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Information: $9.99
Made by- Floureon
*LCD Display with Blue Back light. 
*Loud 85 decibel alarm,*
*Permanent Carbon Monoxide Sensor 
*Alarm Sound Pattern is Three Short Alarm Beeps. 
*Red LED Will Flash While in the Alarm Mode.
*One chirp every 30 seconds indicates battery is low 
*Test/Reset button to test the unit 
*Green and red LED lights that indicate normal operation and alarm status
*Red LED: When Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide is detected- the red LED will pulse and a loud alarm pattern will sound.

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