Sunday, October 18, 2015

Check out my new ride Now! New Paint makes a difference!

We decided to buy a 2002 Dodge 3500 Ram Van.
It was a senior assisted living van with 78,00 miles on it. 
The paint was rough and it looked awful.
Being a commercial van, it came equipped with a high roof, maintenance records,
and the price was right. 

Our Goal was-
  1. As new as possible within our budget. 
  2. Mechanically sound
  3. A High roof and extended length.
  4. Mechanically sound
  5. Mechanically sound

drivers front 3500 Dodge Van High Top

van interior 3500 dodge van

Van Interior

van seats interior

Greg and Omi

Doesn't look snazzy..
We're not trying to draw undue attention to ourselves. 
It won't be an eyesore for long.

Dodge Van 3500

(Here's a video of us seeing it after it was painted)

This van fit the bill.
Since,it was under our budget and we decided to have it painted. 
I've painted automobiles in the past. 
But,I wasn't going to paint this huge van.
So we decided to have MAACO paint it. 
It was around $1000.00 and it took 3 days. 

Very Nice!
The paint was worth it.
It made the van look completely different.
The new paint and some minor upgrades, completely changes people's opinion of what they "Think" you're all about.
People can be terrible sometimes. Especially with preconceived notions.

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