Sunday, October 18, 2015

Make a Super Insulated Van Console Cooler Box with Spray Foam!!

So, I should you one of my favorite things in my simple, practical, DIY, campervan.
The Van Console Cooler Box- Here's how to make it even cooler!
You need 2 cans of spray foam, a cooler box, a cooler and some patience. By doubling the insulation of the cooler box- should increase the time that it takes to melt our ice. Maybe even by 2 days. The spray foam is nifty stuff. The cast was about $3.50 per can. So, 7 bucks to super insulate our Van console center box. 
Very Nice!
Here's a link to Amazon to read some reviews on Great Stuff brand spray foam- 
Lowes has a much better price........

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