Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hello World!

Hello World!
This is the first post for
There will be so much more to come!

Everything about this simple camper van has been planned in great and agonizing detail.
It is simple, effective and was built on a tight budget.

We're going to share how we made the Great White Buffalo through articles,videos,how to instruction and blog posts.

We want to share what we know,
All the successes and failures. 
Things we would do differently and future upgrades. 
Why we did...what what we did.

Don't be afraid to leave a comment, send an email or ask questions.
We welcome the interaction.  :)
Our simple diy campervan the Great White Buffalo

 *Here's a video of when we first bought the van. 

It'll be fun to see how far we've come. 
More content and posts are on the way! 
Thanks for stopping by! 
Leave a comment, ask a question....

*This video is from our YouTube channel-  TurquoiseandBeefJerky 
Check out my other YouTube channel  CheapGeek 

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