Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to Install Window Visor or Side Window Deflectors. Easy! Looks Good!

Window Visor Install Easy! Looks Good!
Basically peel and stick easy installation.
Keeps the wind, sun and rain out of your face.
Allows for more ventilation, especially when parked.
You can keep the window down about 3 inches, without fear of rain or someone sticking their hand in to unlock the door and take your stuff.
I bought mine from Amazon. 
The company is VentShade.
-Molded for an exact vehicle fit
-Helps keep rain out and allows fresh air in
-Your window can be down 2 inches or so, helping to reduce heat build up in parked vehicles.
-High-grade acrylic material.
Love them..
Here's a link to Amazon, if you're interested-

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