Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wheel Simulators! for the DIY Camper Van. Cheap! Looks Good!

Instead of spending about $600.00 on new rims for the DIY Camper Van, I went the route of the wheel simulator...
(They are plastic with a chrome finish.)
I'd rather spend the money on Solar panel stuff anyway.

Here's the ones I used.
They are surprisingly good for the cost.
They make the van look really good.
I didn't think I would like the look. 
I was wrong.  :)

Here's the Specs:

Oxgord 16" 8 Lug Rv Dual Chrome Wheel Simulators Skins Rim Covers Hub Caps Steel Wheels - 
SET of 4 16" Chrome Wheel Covers for 8-lug Steel Wheels

Here's a link to where I bought them of Amazon, if you're the reviews decide for 

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